Florida Rock & Tank Warehouse: Fee Development – Pensacola, FL

Building Area: (sf)

Location of Project:
147 Stumpfield Rd Pensacola, FL 32503

Granger Development has recently completed the assignment of managing the development for the new trucking terminal facility and local office for Florida Rock & Tank Lines in Pensacola. Being headquartered in Jacksonville, the logistics of personally overseeing the development of their new facility was going to make for a time-consuming and costly endeavor. Having Granger Development handle the process allowed Florida Rock & Tank to focus on their core business operations.

Granger Development’s main focus as a consultant was to tap in our development expertise to be the “boots on the ground” in coordinating a smooth, transparent process with the ultimate goal of delivering a first-class facility for Florida Rock & Tank in a timely and cost-effective manner.

In 2012, our company engaged Granger Development to assist us in locating a parcel of raw land and developing a replacement tanker truck terminal in the Pensacola area.  The project was successfully completed in June of 2013.  From start to finish, Granger Development provided professional, timely and expert service in the areas of land location, due diligence assistance and development/construction oversight.  I would highly recommend Granger Development for any of your real estate and development needs in the Pensacola market.  We could not have been more satisfied!

 –Matthew C. McNulty

Below is a list of some of the tasks Granger Development performed:

  • Pre-Development functions including participating with owner in zoning and land use hearings, and design and permit oversight.
  • Provide weekly progress reports (via e-mail) to owner including progress photographs.
  • Inspect site and contractors work on a regular basis to ensure proper progress and coordination is occurring between contractor, architect, engineer, etc.
  • Process and approve pay requests from contractor, other trades, etc. to owner for payment.
  • Coordinate between contractor, architect, engineer, and other trades on behalf of the owner to ensure that design and plans meet the owner’s requirements.
  • Work with contractor(s) in any “value engineering” efforts to provide owner with lowest cost for project.
  • Attend permitting and coordination meetings on owner’s behalf as required to ensure proper project flow.
  • Prior to commencement of permitting, providing a critical path project timeline, with updates included within weekly progress reports regarding adherence to this timeline.
  • Prepare a budget for the project based on the selected contractor’s cost estimate, and monitor costs throughout the project in relation to this budget.
  • Review completed constructed items and generate “punch-list” items on behalf of the owner as well as coordinate the final completion of those identified items.